Bubenberg Middle East - Divisions

BME Projects Division offers turnkey solutions to customers for up-grading their existing Laboratories or establishing new Laboratories for both third party and in-house calibration. We understand user requirement and applications to design and configure the most economical and user friendly system which cover parameters like Pressure, Temperature, Electrical, Force, Mass, Length / Depth, Humidity, UV etc. Depending upon the customer’s budget, each Laboratory is designed to optimise Calibration Process. As a part of the package we supply international brands like Time Electronics, Fluke Calibration, Ametek Jofra, DH-Budenberg, Budenberg, Norbar, Snap-on, Mettler Toledo.

Budenberg Gauge Co. Ltd., UK
Dead Weight Testers, Master and Standard Calibration Test Gauges, Calibrators etc.

Time Electronics Ltd., UK
Calibration Test Benches, Multi-function Calibrators, Decade resistance boxes, Electrical Test & Measuring Instruments, Loop Calibrators, Pressure Calibrators etc.

Techne Calibration (Bibby Scientific), UK
Dry Block Temperature Calibrators, Liquid and fluidised Calibration Baths and Sand Baths for Temperature Calibration.

INMEL, Poland
Power (kw, VAR, VA Meter – single & three phase) and Process Calibrators etc.

Budenberg Gauge, UK
Industrial Pressure & Temperature Gauges, valve manifolds, Ball & needle valves etc.

Ultraflux, France 
Ultrasonic FlowMeters - Portable and Fixed

Lamplan, France
Mechanical Sealing

AEP Technology, USA
3D Optical and Contact Surface Profilers: Contact and Optical Profilometer - on one platform. Automatic sample movement and one click measurement, makes NanoMap-D a step forward in imaging world.

Kloe SA, France
Mask Less laser Based Lithography Systems. This very high-end equipment is made to customer’s specifications, it offers a capacity of pattern photo-lithography with UV beam sizes and several UV laser sources (up to 3 different ones) selected from the range 0.5µm/100µm, with a large aspect ratio on an as yet undefined work surface (400mm x 400mm, 12 inches in diameter.

Gero Gmbh, Germany
High Temperature Vacuum Furnaces - These furnaces are employed under vacuum / high vacuum, protective gases such as nitrogen / argon, but also with reaction gases like hydrogen and carbon monoxide. Furnaces For Special applications like debinding, Sintering, Crystal growth, etc

Dibs Forensics, UK
Products: Computer Forensic Equipment.

PrintLink, India
Printing plates for Mini and Small offset printing applications such as Newsletters, brochures, business cards, Letter Heads, bill books, vouchers, flyers, newspapers (tabloids), publications, stationery, wedding cards etc.
MASTERPLATE is a polyester plate for mini and small offset printing. These are double sided multi film coated Polyester plates with most advanced technology for mini and small offset printing machines up to 4 colour printing. Length 400 / 368mm, width 260 / 216 mm and 100 microns thickness with more than 5000 print run. It can be imaged both sides through a laser printer or copier without exposure or processing. After imaging the plate goes direct-to-press without any further processing. It allows printer the ability to produce pressready offset printing plates in their individual set-up.

We have expertise in providing pricing and expedited delivery for items other than listed above which are required in the Oil and Gas Industry, Electrical and Electronic industry, Construction Industry, Heavy Equipment’s and Calibration Laboratories.

The products include Gauge and Differential Pressure Transmitters, Temperature Sensors, Temperature Transmitters, Gas Flow Meters, HART/ FIELDBUS Communicator, Digital & Analog MultiMeters, Clamp Meters, Insulation Tester, Earth Ground Testers, Installation Testers, Portable Appliance Testers, Digital Thermometers, ScopeMeters, Loop Calibrators, Process Calibrators, Pressure Calibrators, Thermal Imagers,  Cable Fault Detectors, Dielectric Test Sets, Earth / Ground Resistance Testers, Primary and Secondary injection Test Sets , Gas Monitors, Torque Wrenches, Dial Gauges, Vernier Calipers, Torque Calibrators etc.